ESG Report

The ESG Report is an opportunity for any organization to provide a milestone report on its progress towards environmental, sustainability and governance goals. Through a comprehensive and detailed report, we can create your ESG strategy, goals and results from scratch.

The Sustainability Report is the basic performance expression of your company in matters of Environment, Society and Governance, essentially capturing its “behavior” within the ESG framework and achieving the information of interested parties in a commonly accepted and standardized way.

Indicatively, it includes the company’s profile, the ESG goals it has set and reviewed, its operating model and the sustainable development strategy it has adopted. Additionally, it includes the materiality assessment process and its results for each ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) pillar, with a separate recording of the material issues and the respective performance each time.

Biosafety can help and/or train the responsible executive of your company or completely take over the writing of the Sustainability Report, taking into account the existing management systems and the characteristic elements of the company as well as the relevant instructions – report writing principles, as derived from Greek legislation, European Directives and relevant standards.