Health & Safety Plan, Health & Safety Folder and Special Project Studies

The Health & Safety Plan and Health & Safety Folder are an integral part of a project’s documentation and must be available at the work site.  


Contents of Health & Safety Plan and Health & Safety Folder 


The Health & Safety Plan includes Health & Safety rules that will be implemented in the construction site, specific corrective measures that need to be implemented against hazardous activities as well as data for:  


  • Safe crossing in construction site’s workplaces and safe access to each working position. 
  • Description of the project’s tasks 
  • Pedestrian and vehicle circulation in the construction site 
  • Analysis of the methods used in each project’s task 
  • Establishment of storage spaces and means of waste disposal 
  • Establishment of restrooms, dining areas and First Aid stations 
  • Scaffolding construction study 


The Health & Safety Folder includes: 


  • Projects’ registry and its technical description
  • Plans “as built”
  • Products’ registers 
  • Health & Safety guidelines that must be considered in future activities of the construction projects, i.e. maintenance, cleaning etc. 


Special Studies of Health & Safety Projects 




The Occupational Health & Safety Organization and Management System (aka SODAYE), is described in DIPAD/oik/14.01.2003 regarding “Prevention and Management of occupational hazards in public works’ construction”. The contractor must implement the Occupational Health & Safety Organization and Management System at the project in order to minimize the occupational risk. 


The minimum requirements of the SODAYE are: 

  • Declaration of Health and Safety Policy 
  • Appointment of Safety Officers, Safety Coordinators and Occupational Physicians 
  • Subcontractors’ H&S management system 
  • Safety procedures regarding accident investigation, first aid, personnel training, etc. 
  • Safety Guidelines in working activities and necessary, specialized studies required 
  • Project’s H&S schedule of audits and meetings 
  • Full conduction of Health & Safety Plan and Health & Safety Folder 
  • Detailed documentation of hazardous sources and risk assessment for each task and subtask of the project 
  • Project’s operation and maintenance manual, upon each activities’ completion 


ΙΙ. Hygiene & Safety Measures’ Study for underground projects  


The Hygiene & Safety Measures’ Study for underground projects (aka MMYA) and the Health & Safety Plan of subcontractors are foreseen in the P.D. 225/1989 concerning “Health and safety in underground technical works». 


The EIA contains a forecast of the general risks as well as the risks per phase of the project, as well as the required measures to prevent them. 


The study includes: 

  • the analysis of the construction process in phases 
  • the working methods by phase 
  • the analysis of underlining and support methods 
  • access to the construction site 
  • the ventilation study and the lighting study 
  • the location of the warehouses of flammable and explosive materials