Occupational Stress Management & Burn out Syndrome

Time pressure, workload and anxiety about responding to their tasks are just some of the stressful situations that often lead to psychological and physical burnout. This phenomenon is called burn out syndrome and results in reduced functionality and efficiency of employees. Based on the effects of the problem on the employees themselves and on the companies, Biosafety Academy offers the training program “Occupational Stress Management and burn out syndrome”.

Duration: 5 – 6 hours (with the experiential workshop)


  • Introduction to the mechanism of stress
  • Burnout and work engagement
    • “Burn out” versus engagement (engagement)
    • The stages of burn out
    • The symptoms of burn out
    • Which groups of workers are most threatened by stress?
  • Stress management strategies and techniques
  • Tools and techniques to support employees
    • Call for discussion
    • Adopting a proactive attitude
    • Active listening techniques
    • Coaching role
    • Motivation and encouragement
    • Resources and solutions within the enterprise
  • Experiential workshop
    • Case studies
    • Optional completion of a psychometric stress self-assessment tool