Workplace Auditing

Workplace Health & Safety Audits are essential for companies, regardless of their field of activity, as they are inextricably linked to the legal compliance of companies and the protection of employees from potentially harmful working conditions.


Dealing with risks presupposes timely and documented knowledge of potential “gaps” that may exist at each level. For their proper recognition and evaluation, control is needed at every level of the company (legal, administrative, organizational, procedures, operations, facilities, conditions, infrastructure, personnel, subcontractors, etc.).


Each project is special and is designed in collaboration with the company, precisely to cover its particular needs, e.g. internal procedures of corporate groups, Health & Safety management systems. Indicatively, audits can be designed depending on the company’s branch of activity in:


  • Industrial Health & Safety Audit 
  • Construction Health & Safety Audit 
  • Offices Health & Safety Audit 


Depending on the case, the Health & Safety Audit can have a short or long duration. The size of the facilities and the particularities of the company determine whether the Health & Safety audits will be extensive or limited in scope focusing, for example, only on some point of the operation, on some specific facility, etc.  


The completion of the Health & Safety Audit is accompanied by a detailed Health & Safety Audit Report containing: 

  • the total findings of the audit  
  • the analysis of the findings 
  • specific and documented Corrective Action Plan, with proposed actions to correct the deficiencies identified during the audit. The actions are presented in order of priority taking into account the criticality of the risks identified.