Health & Safety Days

Biosafety has the ability to offer companies a flexible set of trainings, speeches and actions for Occupational Health & Safety, always adapting its services to their needs.

In this context, we can organize spaces in the workplaces of companies, days dedicated to Health & Safety, where participants will have the opportunity to be informed, trained and aware of 3 main areas: First Aid, Occupational Safety and Mental Health & Well-being.

In particular, during these days, participants have the opportunity to attend lectures, but also participate in educational programs and actions on sections such as First Aid, Health and Well-being, Mental Health, Health & Safety in the Workplace and special Health & Safety trainings for each branch of work. These days are a celebration of Health & Safety, as it is the opportunity for employees and employers to get close to each other, learning in practical basic knowledge about Health and Safety, while promoting, at the same time, the message towards a new, positive culture for Health & Safety in the Workplace.

All of the trainings, speeches and activities offered by the service are created in collaboration with each company, while its content and duration is adjusted according to its needs.

Depending on the subject sections chosen by the company, the Health & Safety Days may include for example: