Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring the path towards the desired result in any business process adopt qualitative and quantitative indicators. This is why the use of Key Performance Indicators (Key Performance Indicators) is now a vital process for modern “business”.

So, at Biosafety, we “translate” the essential issues, as they emerge from the materiality assessment, into qualitative and quantitative objectives by choosing the right KPIs and taking into account the different ESG standards, needs and strategy of your company.

Ηaving so many years of experience in designing and supporting management systems and actively participating in the developments of the ESG framework, Biosafety has developed a library of indicators on a number of essential topics, based on both contemporary literature and relevant standards.

Our company can help both in the selection of the most suitable indicators taking into account the existing management systems and the characteristic elements of your company, and in the training of competent employees in terms of updating them. At the same time, our company can undertake the collection of the required data and the complete updating of the indicators, achieving saving in human resources for your company.