Nutrition & Weight Control in the Modern Lifestyle

The training focuses on the employee’s balanced diet, as a very important factor for their health and their efficiency in the work duties.

Research has shown that companies’ interventions aimed at promoting well-being in the workplace have beneficial effects on the health and productivity of employees.

That’s why, at Biosafety, we designed the Nutrition & Weight Control in the Modern Lifestyle training, with the aim of informing and supporting employees and companies for this purpose.


  • Modern lifestyle and weight gain
  • Obesity
    • What it is
    • Health effects
  • Desired habits
    • Proper diet
    • Eating habits: Food on screen & snacking
    • Regular physical activity
    • Adequate and quality sleep
    • Stress
  • Habits
    • What they are and how they are formed
    • Emotional eating habits
    • Building new habits & breaking old ones