Safety Coordinator & Project Safety Technician

Technical Projects present particularities that dramatically increase the degree of risk of the work and therefore require a specialized, methodical and coordinated approach. 


The P.D. 305/1996 states that on construction sites where several contractors are present, one or more Safety Coordinators must be appointed during the design phase and during the project execution phase. 


In addition to the Safety Coordinator & Technician visiting program provided by law, Biosafety has the ability to: 

  • to develop a program of greater frequency and longer duration of on-site presence, beyond the minimum hours required by law 
  • to occupy them exclusively and on a daily basis, with full-time presence in the project 


To ensure the quality of Safety Coordinator & Technician services, Biosafety uses a QHSE Project Management system with the possibility of continuous support to its partners, in Greece and abroad. 


The Biosafety partners who will be designated as Project Safety Technicians, apart from the standard qualifications defined by the legislation, have substantial qualifications, so that they are not limited to the provision of the standard services defined by the legislation, but to perform their role effectively, for the benefit of the project and the employees in it. 


The duties of a Safety Coordinator are summarized as follows:


During the preparation of the project study: 

  • Coordinates the cooperation and implementation of prevention principles 
  • Draw up or commissions the drawing up of the Safety & Health Plan (SHA)
  • Compiles the Health and Safety File (HSF)


During the execution of the project:  

  • Coordinates the application of the general principles of prevention and safety in all phases of the project 
  • Coordinates the implementation of Health & Safety rules by contractors, subcontractors and the self-employed 
  • Adjusts the Health & Safety Plan 
  • Organizes together the protection of workers and the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases with the Safety Technician and the Occupational Physician  
  • Coordinates supervision for proper implementation of work procedures 
  • It takes measures to allow entry only to persons who have the relevant permission 
  • Collaborates with Safety Technicians and Occupational Physicians