Health Care Protocol

Bearing in mind the current Greek legislation, the need to harmonize it with the European Union Directives, the current protocols and international good practices according to the medical literature, Biosafety has established the Health Care Protocol, a medical service that mainly concerns companies, activities and high-risk workers.


The Health Care Protocol requires the cooperation of an Occupational Physician and a Safety Technician. Its implementation is organized, coordinated and controlled centrally by Biosafety and the procedures are carried out by the partners of the Occupational Physicians during their scheduled visits to the facility or with extra visits.


The full Health Care Protocol includes:

  • Risk Assessment Study 
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological agents’ measurement 
  • Clinical and laboratory medical examination process 
  • Documentation and archive of clinical and laboratory medical examination results 
  • Investigation of occupational diseases’ possible cause 
  • Personal Medical File for each employee 
  • Arrangement and equipment of medical kits 
  • Necessary PPEs for every workplace description 
  • Formation and training of the First Aid Team 
  • Accidents’ documentation, investigation and analysis process 
  • Vaccination program and implementation 
  • Organizing seminars concerning accident & disease prevention