Emergency Response Plan

Through the program of Emergency Response Plan, training is carried out either on the specific Emergency Response Plan of a company, or on the general structure of an Emergency Response Plan

Duration: 4 hours




  • Legislation
  • Description of emergencies
    • Fire
    • Earthquake
    • Bomb
    • Disruption of Public Order
    • Accident
  • Presentation of the company’s Emergency Response Plan
  • Measures & procedures per emergency
  • Description of remedial actions per emergency
  • Response Team Roles & Responsibilities


  • Use of permanent water supply fire network
  • Use of local automatic extinguishing systems
  • Use of portable fire extinguishers and tools
  • Building Evacuation


The training is conducted by instructors, certified by E.O.P.P.E.P., Mechanical Engineers.

Certificates of Attendance are awarded by the training provider after the end of the course, that are valid for three years.