Evacuation Studies

The Evacuation Study gives the employees of a facility an important sense of safety and preparedness. Its purpose is to determine actions, both at the level of prevention and at the level of dealing with a potential emergency.


In particular, the purpose of the Study is: 

  • To reduce the potential consequences of an emergency involving evacuation 
  • To prevent accidents and disasters  
  • To reduce damage to their facilities or equipment 
  • To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the facility 


The preparation of such a study requires a rather complex process. Its difficulty is found in determining the uniqueness of each project, in order to take into account all the factors that differ from the usual data of an evacuation study and to adapt to the particular characteristics of the project.  


All calculations carried out during the preparation of the Study are verified through a relevant evacuation exercise, an emergency simulation carried out as part of the general inspection of the facility.