Materiality Assessment

Determining the essential issues for a company is particularly important since its strategy should be drawn up and implemented only in their own context.

The process of identifying the key issues should be done in careful and discrete steps, so that Biosafety can help significantly along the process of sustainability and in accordance with the guidelines of business responsibility standards.

During the Materiality Assessment, the material issues are first identified taking into account both the needs of the company and the expectations of the interested parties. Then the essential issues that have been identified are prioritized and categorized on a scale of essentiality. Finally, the essential issues are mapped, determining their importance for the interested parties and the company in terms of the main sustainability axes. The process is completed by reviewing and validating the results.

At the same time, recognizing that the business operation is dynamic and its requirements change, Biosafety can also help in designing a review process of the material issues that have arisen in the previous reporting period, so that the materiality assessment meets these dynamic requirements effectively. Through this review, necessary changes – adaptations can be proposed, as these are required by the modern operating environment.