Biosafety Academy: New Fire Safety e-learning


Biosafety, a company with 21 years of experience in the provision of Occupational Health and Safety services, created the new e-learning course named “General Principles of Fire Safety”. Recognizing the growing need for flexible online training, Biosafety created a new, interactive e-learning platform. This new modern platform enables a company to train all its employees immediately and easily, in their own space and time. The first lesson, on Fire Safety, is one of the most necessary educational subjects in the field of safety in the workplace. In less than an hour, each employee is trained on the basic principles of fire safety, the causes of a fire, fire protection, the basic means of extinguishing as well as the necessary evacuation actions

To learn more details about our e-learning course, you can watch the demo video here and contact us at or at 210 9220324-5


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