5 tips for working from home efficiently


The new disease may have us stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean we stay idle. Most companies implement the remote working method and continue to operate normally. Simply remotely!

For many employees working from home is not a new phenomenon. Many companies already provided remote working as an option for their employees! But for the rest who suddenly found themselves in a unknown situation to them, here is a to do list with small tips for easier adaptation.

  1. We wake up early!

Our time has increased. We start our day early and since we no longer have to manage our commuting time to the office, we prepare a good breakfast!

  1. We get dressed

Even if there is no scheduled video conference meeting, we get ready as if we were going to work. This will help to maintain our concentration and also increase our efficiency.

  1. We create our workplace

We know well that home is our place. A space we have to rest and be comfortable. It is therefore very important to define the part of the house that will host our temporary office and to have all the necessary things for each of us gathered there. Even if there is no possibility of isolation, we try to avoid anything that might distract us.

  1. We stay true to the schedule

Remote working clearly offers several advantages, one of which is flexibility in hours. Nevertheless, we prefer to maintain the schedule we had before for the following reasons:

  • Communication with the rest of the team becomes easier and there is better coordination.
  • Adjustment is made more smoothly.
  • We are not tempted to work either less or more.
  1. We remain optimistic

Last but not least, is to maintain our optimism! We listen carefully to the instructions given by the competent bodies and adapt them to what pleases us. We spend our time constructively both with ourselves and with those we love and do the activities we like within the permissible frameworks.

We stay home to stay healthy. We take care of our mental health!


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