General Principles of Fire Safety (E-learning)

The e-learning program concerns the General Principles of Fire Safety, the basic training, which is addressed to all employees for fire safety in the workplace. The training takes place asynchronously and remotely through the Biosafety Academy online educational platform.

Duration: 1 hours




  • Causes of Fire
  • Categories of Fires
  • Definitions of Fire & Fire Prevention – Fire Suppression
  • Triangle of fire
  • Mode of transmission of fire
  • Fire compartments
  • Escape Plan


  • Building Evacuation
  • Active Fire Protection
  • Precautionary measures
  • Repressive Means
  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Types
  • Location & Instructions for Use of Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Actions in Case of Fire



The educational platform services include:

  I. Group Registration of all trainees by sending their email details. Trainees, then, receive a personal email with their platform access details and usage instructions.

  II. Assessment Test in each section to complete the course.

  III. Reports on the percentage of trainees who have completed the training.

  IV. Technical Support for any problem through the platform’s contact form.