How can industry reduce the burden it causes on the environment?


In recent years we have increasingly noticed that the environment is facing problems. The rapid growth of industry and human intervention during the last centuries is a catalyst and as a result of this there has been the accumulation of a huge number of harmful factors for the environment.

In recent decades, however, there have been significant improvements in the environmental performance of industry. Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict, while at the same time the goal is to have improvements in energy efficiency with the aim of reducing environmental impacts.

Despite this, the industry remains an important factor in burdening the environment and its pollution.

In a sustainability effort some criteria have been established to reduce the impact of industry on the environment. Examples of such industry initiatives are the widespread adoption of environmental management practices through the European Eco-Management and Economic Audit Scheme (EMAS) and ISO14001, ISO 14040, ISO 14041, ISO 14042, ISO 14043 standards.

Voluntary corporate social responsibility initiatives were also undertaken to achieve social and environmental goals, in addition to legal requirements.

The future transition to a greener European industry requires an integrated approach, which will strengthen the control of pollution at source and provide incentives to change operational practices and implement new innovative technologies.

Full implementation of the strengthened legislation will also contribute to better control of emissions from industry.

Biosafety is by your side as an assistant in this effort, with a series of relevant services such as the preparation of environmental studies, energy audits, information on the current Legislation, the creation, support and inspection of Quality Systems, so as to ensure compliance with Current Legislation and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


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