Our Philosophy

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Our vision is to evolve together with our partners and customers. To be next to companies, employees and the wider society by supporting the creation of a positive culture of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment. That’s why our message is “Grow Together”. We grow together, we become better together.
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Scientific Excellence

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Legal Documentation

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Immediate Availability

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Consistent Collaboration

New E-learning: Health & Safety in the Workplace

Biosafety has created a new E-learning course on Occupational Health & Safety. Through the interactive platform of the Biosafety Academy, employees have the opportunity to be trained easily and quickly, in their own place and time, on all the necessary Health & Safety issues in the working environment, so that they are able to recognize the risks and protect themselves and their colleagues from work accidents, occupational diseases and other types of damage.

New E-learning Course: General Principles of Fire Safety

Biosafety has created a new, interactive e-learning platform. This new, modern platform enables companies to train all their employees immediately and easily, in their own space and time. The first lesson, on Fire Safety, is one of the most necessary educational subjects in the field of safety in the workplace.

Our Projects


The Development of a modern Evacuation Plan for the Experience Park

“The Hellinikon Project”

Lamda Development S.A. with its partner in the field of Health & Safety at Work,

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OSH Audit Tool Development


Biosafety A.E. developed the OSH Audit Tool, a tool that applies to many companies,


Health & Safety Experiential Educational Program

“Sofman A.E.”

Biosafety SA, which has been active in the field of Occupational Health & Safety since 2001.

Our Clients

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